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15 Best Neuroscience Books of All Time

Our goal: Build the most true list of best Neuroscience books.

Our process:
1. Search for "best Neuroscience books" and study the top 5 articles.
2. Add only the top books (mentioned 2+ times).
3. Rank the results neatly for you here! 😊
(This process takes a long time, but we do the research so you don't have to!)

(Updated 2022)

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  1. 1
    Appears in 4 articles
  2. 3

    How the Mind Works

    Steven Pinker

    Appears in 3 articles
    Appears in 2 articles
  4. 5
    Appears in 2 articles
  5. 6
    Appears in 2 articles
  6. 7
    Appears in 2 articles
  7. 8
    Appears in 2 articles
  8. 9
    Appears in 2 articles
  9. 12
    Appears in 2 articles
  10. 14


    Oliver Sacks

    Appears in 2 articles


  • How do I start studying neuroscience?

    If you want to just casually study neuroscience and the brain, we recommend first developing a foundation in biology and chemistry (to get a basic knowledge of how the nervous system works). Secondly we recommend studying psychology and/ or psychiatry (to learn how the brain/ mind affects behavior). Finally, we recommend you read neuroscience books, and hopefully this list helps you pick the right one you like most! :)

  • How did you make this list of best neuroscience books?

    We talked more about the process at the top of this page, but it's really simple. We studied the top 5 articles online and averaged their responses for each book.

  • Why can't I see reviews for any of these neuroscience books?

    Our number one rule is "don't try to out-Bezos Bezos." Which is why we don't have any of the features like customer reviews, one click buy, price, etc... (you can already go on Amazon view details such as those). Instead we uniquely focus on the things we do a good job with, such as bringing you the best possible list and presenting it in the simplest possible way :)

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