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Why MRB*?

* yes, that's what we call ourselves. It's a helluva lot shorter than "Most Recommended Books"


We focus on book recommendations.

(This keeps our lists high quality)


Everyone recommends different books.

So you can create your own lists!


Book sites get a terrible rep for being ugly.

We're design-focused. Can't follow the herd.

The Story

How we started it

Originally, bffs Richard and Anurag only intended for MRB to be the place to find books recommended by successful people.

But it kept growing.

And growing.

Suddenly, people started telling us the same thing:

"This idea is an excellent base for replacing Goodreads." (real message)

That's a huge compliment but... Goodreads is a book tracker (and if you don't like it, there are a gazillion other trackers out there).

We don't want to be another tracker.

Why? Because they're inundated with bad books.
People use trackers to dump their 1, 2, and 3-star book reviews... this leads to an unpleasant browsing experience.

Instead, we want to be your "book oasis."

Here you'll find what 3 books changed someone's life, not what 30 books they read last year.

Dare we say, people's Most Recommended Books πŸ™‚

Why we started it

This beautiful Carl Sagan video freaked us out.

There are roughly 130 MILLION published books out there.

Yet people read less than 500 books in their lifetime!
Well, 2500 if they're hardcore (a book a week).

That's less than 0.0004% of published books!

Our time is finite. So we want each book we read to be time well spent .

If you agree with our philosophy, welcome! Consider us your Michelin guide for books.

Quote we love

β€œI don’t want to read everything.

I just want to read one hundred great books over and over again.”

- Unknown

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