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Agatha Raisin Books in Order (35 Book Series)

Agatha's First CaseA Spoonful of PoisonAs The Pig Turns

Agatha Raisin is a series of 35 books written by M. C. Beaton. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

    Total: 35 books


    • Who is the author of these books?

      British author M. C. Beaton wrote these books.

    • How many books did you collect for this list?

      There are 35 fiction books in this series.

    • What order should I read these books in? Or does the order matter since each mystery is its own?

      Yes. We recommend reading this fiction series in order. It's long, but you'll enjoy the fiction, romance, and characters more that way. Plus the author didn't just write cozy mystery, or romance, or something historical (though nothing wrong with romance!) They're also humorous novels! So you'll have a great time regardless :)

    • When were these books written?

      The first was written in 1992, and the last was written in 2021 (For more on this, we show the year under each title!)

    • What is the last book written?

      The last of these fiction books is "Down the Hatch." However, keep in mind we wrote this in May 2022. So if this is no longer the case, please let us know!

    • Where can I reply or give you my feedback?

      If you scroll down you'll find an email link to where you can write to us directly. We want to make this the top and most up to date list on the internet, so we welcome any help!

    • How come I can't add any of these books to my cart directly?

      It's no mystery that handling shipping, payments, returns, etc is basket of pain... So Amazon does it for us! (plus there you can view reviews, find the books in hardcover paperback kindle , etc.... etc... They do a MUCH better job than we ever could!)

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