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The Last Kingdom Books in Order (13 Book Series)

The Pale HorsemanThe Last KingdomLords of the North

The Last Kingdom is a series of 13 books written by Bernard Cornwell. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

    Total: 13 books


    • Who wrote the Last Kingdom book series?

      The Last Kingdom (though fun fact, it was initially called The Saxon Stories series/ Saxon Tales series) is a Bernard Cornwell series of fiction.

    • What order were the (previously known as Saxon Tale series) Last Kingdom books written in?

      The first book was written in 2004, and the last book was written in 2020 (you can find each book's publication year right above the buy button).

    • How many books will there be in The Last Kingdom series?

      There are 13 books in total. And Bernard said on social media that number BOOKCOUNT (War Lord) is the final one.

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