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Odd Thomas Books in Order (9 Book Series)

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Odd Thomas is a series of 9 books written by Dean Koontz. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

    Total: 9 books


    • Who is the author of Odd Thomas book series?

      The Odd Thomas books author is Dean Koontz.

    • How many Odd Thomas books/ novels are there?

      The author wrote 9 books in the Odd Thomas series.

    • In what order were these books written?

      The first book of Odd Thomas was written in 2003, and the last book was written in 2015 (we also added the publication year of each book right above the "View on Amazon" button and below the author name).

    • Do you have to read Odd Thomas books in order?

      We believe you should read the Odd Thomas series in order. And by order we mean publication order (that way you'll read the books and story the way the author meant it to unfold).

    • Why can't I add any of these novels to a shopping cart?

      As always our reply is that some time ago when we started this site, we decided not to try to "out-Amazon Amazon". This is why we don't have the features they already do an amazing job at (no one click buy, no ratings search, no kindle links, no book description, no to read list, etc...)

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