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14 Expert Reviews

List of books Bill Gates read in 2012.

"I started reading [this book] and I became increasingly convinced of my own fickleness and inability to actually act rationally in life." - Bryan Johnson

"If you liked 'Predictably Irrational' or 'Stumbling on Happiness' or any of those pop-psychology books, well, this is the Godfather of all of their work." - Derek Sivers

"I love surprising scientific findings, as well as information about how our brains work. [This book] is a treasure trove of both." - Ev Williams

"I enjoyed [this book]. Fascinating." - Jason Fried

"Captivating dive into human decision making, marred by inclusion of several/many? psychology studies that fail to replicate. Will stand as a cautionary tale?" - Marc Andreessen

"Fine book but it didn’t need to be an entire book. A blog post would have gotten the point across." - Naval Ravikant

Ray Dalio mentioned this book in his book, "Principles."

"Covers all three phases of [the author's] career: his early days working oncognitive bias, his work on prospect theory, and his later work on happiness." - Ron Conway

One of Sam Altman's answers to "What are some of the best books you recommend for a young startup founder?"

One of the books on Scott Adams' "Persuasion Reading List."

Stewart Brand recommended this book on his "Selected Books for the Manual for Civilization" blog post.

"A landmark book in social thought, in the same league as The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith and The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud." - Nassim Taleb

Sahil Lavingia recommended this book on Notion.