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19 Expert Reviews

"A bit dark but it does cover a lot of useful territory on what building an organization is like." - Andrew Ng

"One of the great things that [the author] wrote in [this book] is the hardest part of being a CEO is managing your psychology." - Drew Houston

Dustin Moskovitz recommended this book during a Stanford lecture in 2014.

Most Recommended Books reached out to Kathryn Minshew directly.

Keith Rabois recommended this book on a Medium blog post.

"An inspiring story of a business rebirth through sheer willpower." - Larry Page

"I like this one, but it’s not for very new entrepreneurs." - Luis von Ahn

"Let’s just say, we started out relationship with vigorous disagreement, and we’ve continued that to this day." - Marc Andreessen

"For anyone insterested in building, growing, or leading a great company, this book is an incredibly valuable resource." - Mark Zuckerberg

"Entertaining more than anything. I read [this book], I was like: I would never work for this guy. But entertaining and some good lessons." - Matt Mullenweg

One of Max Levchin's answers to "what's your favourite business book you'd advise to young entrepreneurs?"

One of Peter Attia's answers to "any books you feel would make your reading list?"

"[The author] has written the first true guide for protecting a startup from self-sabotage." - Peter Thiel

"A great book." - Tim Ferriss

"One of the best business books I've picked up in years." - Andrew Wilkinson

"Good." - Blake Scholl

Chris Dixon recommended this book on Twitter.

"Chapter five in [this book] is possibly the best thing I've read about leading a tech company." - Fred Wilson

"By far, the best, most brutally honest and incredibly useful book about the realities of starting and running a company." - Raoul Pal