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"A book I have gifted to many people because it changed the way I think about human suffering and grace in life." - Aniela Gregorek

"His basic point is no matter the conditions we surround ourselves in, we can author our life." - Bryan Johnson

"One of those beautiful accounts of a terrible time in our history. His calm and sagaciousness, while witnessing one horror after another played out during his time in three separate concentration camps, is awe inspiring." - Chelsea Handler

"If I were to take the meaning of [this book], and turn it into an equation, it would be despair equals suffering minus meaning." - Chip Conley

"A hugely important book for me." - Daniel Pink

Dave Elitch mentioned this book on "The Tim Ferriss Show" podcast.

"One of my favorite books." - David Blaine

Dustin Moskovitz recommended this book on Twitter.

"Loved it. Really loved it." - Emma Watson

"The book I’ve probably gifted the most is [this book], since I’m 16." - Esther Perel

On the "books read" section of Ev Williams' GoodReads profile.

"[From it] I interpreted that we cannot avoid suffering, but we can choose how to cope with it, and that having meaning in our life is essential." - Fedor Holz

"Talks about the meaning of life, and I believe you come out a better person from reading it." - Jimmy Fallon

Jocko Willink covered this book in "Jocko Podcast" Ep. 78

Recommended on Jordan Peterson's website.

Lex Fridman mentioned this book on Instagram.

"A meditation on what the gruesome experience of Auschwitz taught [the author] about the primary purpose of life: the quest for meaning, which sustained those who survived." - Maria Popova

"Outlines methods to discover deep meaning and purpose in life." - Michael Gervais

"Wow it's dark." - Naval Ravikant

"Looks at how we find purpose by dedicating ourselves to a cause, learning to love and finding a meaning to our suffering." - Ryan Holiday

This book was on Sam Altman's bookshelf.

"Single most important book you can read." - Simon Sinek

"Incredible." - Terry Crews

"Another book that I’ve read dozens of times. It taught me that if you change the meaning, you change everything. Meaning equals emotion, and emotion equals life." - Tony Robbins

"[If people are] doing a bit of soul searching, hands down [I give them this book]." - Turia Pitt

"A great tool to help people. [...] In case something really bad happens, I feel like, from reading this book, I'm better equipped to handle it." - PewDiePie

"As hard as you think your life is, it pales in comparison to Auschwitz." - Shane Parrish

"An important book for me." - Phil Jackson

Tom Bilyeu recommended this book on his website.

28 Member Reviews

A startling insight into the human condition! - Anurag Ramdasan

A very thought provoking read - Nitin Harlalka

... - Martin Tousig

Great book about the importance of having trascendental goals. - Pedro Velazquez

Stop complaining. We are all lucky to be here. - Mai Mislang

Fantastic book. Definitely a must read - Tomás Jerónimo

A classic for a reason. Good to keep perspective across all circumstances, and to recognize how much you have control over internally. - Ian Mogensen

Opens your mind to a past and human conditions that makes you see your life from an entire new perspective. - Jan Benzing

To Read - -73e704

This is simply a must-read for every human being. I won't be who I am without this book - Alla Adam

Great lessons taken from an un-fathomable experience - Dominic Yonto

How you respond to what is happening to you, and the meaning you assign it, is more important than the event itself. - Mark Valentich

Practical Philosophy - Eoin Byrne

Every teenager should be required to read this book. And you should too. - Gibson - Gibson Smith

A powerful story about survival - Charles Wood

Everyone must read this - -b7b70f

We understand how meaning changes life. - Anna Opara

An absolutely essential book for understanding life's struggles, what we can control and what we cannot. - Greg Brower

To read - Paul Watson

Excited to read - -8699dc

https://markmanson.net/best-books/book-recommendations - Jeri Dizel

You make your own meaning. - ray hom

El libro más inspirador que existe. - Oscar Méndez

Recommended by - Miguel Moreno Presidente Negocio Café - Robbie J Frye

A great autobiography on Frankl's experiences in the concentration camps and the psychological effects they presented. - Aiden Ridgway

This is a must read. How the human mind worked in concentration camps is fascinating. - Shrivas Nayar

Relevant no matter where you are in your life, but particularly poignant in today's COVID-19 environment of fear, isolation, and challenge. - Kendra Koch

One of the best book that I have read - Tiklu Ganguly